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YOUTH DIRECTOR - Amy Munsinger


My name is Amy Munsinger and I have been a part of WAM for the past 3.5 years. I am self-employed, and owning my own business allows me the time to be on open/hardwater more often. While growing up, I did not have a father or person to teach me about fishing, so I never really had the chance to go. My son, Alexander, was on the Lakeville High School Fishing Team, and it made me want to get out on the water with him and not just watch from the shore. As the student anglers grew over the years, it helped me realize that I wanted to educate other kids with the knowledge that I have gained from this fun sport. I currently do not own a boat and didn't want to depend on someone to get me on the water, so I decided to get a kayak. 

WAM has helped me step out of my comfort zone this past fall and winter season. I took a chance to fish in the BLW Phoenix Series as a Co-Angler in Oklahoma. My results were not what I wanted, but the experience was well worth it. Also, this winter, I joined Ultimate Panfish League (UPL).

I enjoy taking out young anglers to catch fish, showing them how to handle them, and helping educate anglers about different baits and tying knots. I believe if we continue to educate kids about fishing and conservation at a young age, they will grow into great anglers.

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