Women Anglers of Minnesota (WAM) was incorporated in 1977 as a way for women to fish together. It remains the oldest active fishing organization for women in the country! Whether you are a long time member or a new member, it is helpful to have information about all the ways you can be a part of this organization.


We are women who like to fish, and we like to spend time with each other, too. Together, we have fun and make a difference in our communities.

Mission Statement:

Provides opportunities for women and children to participate in the sport of fishing, improve their fishing skills, and to fish for a variety of species.  WAM provides opportunities for the friendly exchange of ideas and techniques.


To educate women and children about the sport of fishing and interacting with the natural environment. 


To support charitable and non-profit organizations dedicated to the environment and women and children’s causes.


To promote full adherence of existing conservation, boating and fishing regulations.


To promote responsible fishing practices.




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