Master Angler Record Fish

These women know how to fish!

Largemouth 20.75 Katie Corgait
Smallie 21.5

Theresa Jones & Tricia Bray

Sunfish 11 Theresa Miller
Crappie 14.75

Tracy Krona & Sparky Musolf

Muskey 57 Michelle Morey
Pike 44 Tracy Welsh
Sturgeon 64

Jenni Buckingham

Lake trout 32.5 Allie Jurvelin
Rainbow Trout 23.5 Michelle Morey
Brook Trout 16.25 Michelle Morey
Steelhead 28.25

Ashlan Barthorpe

Walleye 32 Gina Hittle
Perch 14 Jamie Jacobson
Catfish - Channel 34 Heidi Brenden
Catfish - Flathead 52.25

Emily Edge - Noodling

Catfish - Flathead 46"

Christina Lemke - Line

We have a 42 Year History of Bringing Women into the Sport of Angling!
Over 700 Members Strong and still growing!
​Members from across the Nation and Canada

Women Anglers of Minnesota Mission Statement

  • Provide opportunities for women and children to participate in the sport of fishing, improve their fishing skills and to fish for a variety of species. WAM provides opportunities for the friendly exchange of ideas and techniques
  • To educate women and children about the sport of fishing and interacting with the natural environment
  • To support non-profit organizations dedicated to the environment and women and children's causes
  • To promote full adherence of existing conservation, boating and fishing regulations
  • To promote responsible fishing practices

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Women Anglers of Minnesota® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Executive Board of Officers Board of Directors

President - Kristen Merwin

Vice President - Stephanie Lawson

Secretary - Michelle Morey\

Treasurer -

Trip Directors - Erin Murray / Angie Fasbender

Social Directors  - Sara McClintock

Membership Directors - Liz Colsen / Pat Hauslein

Fundraising - Britane Peterson / Courtney Schurhammer

Historian - Chanda Gebhardt

Publicity - Jessi Havemeier

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