Master Angler Record Fish

These women know how to fish!

Species Size WAM Member
Largemouth 20.75 Katie Corgait
Smallie 21.5 Theresa Jones & Tricia Bray
Sunfish 11 Theresa Miller
Crappie 14.75 Tracy Krona & Sparky Musolf
Muskey 57 Michelle Morey
Pike 44 Tracy Welsh
Sturgeon 64 Jenni Buckingham
Lake trout 32.5 Allie Jurvelin
Rainbow Trout 23.5 Michelle Morey - Georgia
Brook Trout 16.25 Michelle Morey
Steelhead 28.25 Ashlan Barthorpe
Salmon - Pink 18 Heather Rau
Walleye 32 Gina Hittle
Perch 14 Jamie Jacobson
Catfish - Channel 34 Heidi Brenden
Catfish - Flathead 52.25 Emily Edge - Mississippi
Catfish - Flathead 46" Christina Lemke - MN

We have a 42 Year History of Bringing Women into the Sport of Angling!
Over 700 Members Strong and still growing!
​Members from across the Nation and Canada

Women Anglers of Minnesota Mission Statement

  • Provide opportunities for women and children to participate in the sport of fishing, improve their fishing skills and to fish for a variety of species. WAM provides opportunities for the friendly exchange of ideas and techniques
  • To educate women and children about the sport of fishing and interacting with the natural environment
  • To support non-profit organizations dedicated to the environment and women and children's causes
  • To promote full adherence of existing conservation, boating and fishing regulations
  • To promote responsible fishing practices

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Women Anglers of Minnesota® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Executive Board of Officers Board of Directors

President - Kristen Merwin

Vice President - Stephanie Lawson

Secretary - Michelle Morey\

Treasurer -

Trip Directors - Erin Murray / Angie Fasbender

Social Directors  - Sara McClintock

Membership Directors - Liz Colsen / Pat Hauslein

Fundraising - Britane Peterson / Courtney Schurhammer

Historian - Chanda Gebhardt

Publicity - Jessi Havemeier

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