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Hey! My name is Seantae Read (pronounced Shawn-tay). January 2024 will officially be my second year with WAM. I joined to learn how to be a more independent angler and everything else WAM was willing to teach me. My first event was the 2023 Ice Tournament. I was very nervous attending because I knew absolutely nobody, but I quickly made some friends and realized what everyone meant by WAMily! That tournament was an absolute blast and a life changer for me. I WAS NOW HOOKED!! I couldn't wait to get home and tell everyone all about it. I wasn't able to attend the Open Water Tournament in person but I wanted to still help in any way I could and I volunteered to be a judge. I had so much fun seeing everyone's entries and watching the leaderboard change throughout the day. It was so cool to see how much fun everyone was having, so even though I couldn't be there fishing, I was still having a lot of fun as well. I was asked if I would be willing to be a judge for the WAM Slam Challenge and I couldn't say no! I was pumped to get the opportunity again and I gained a couple of new close friends while doing so! I am so happy to be a part of the WAMily!

I am from southwest Minnesota, so far west that I only live 10 miles from the South Dakota border. I grew up fishing a lot with my dad. We fished every chance we could and I really grew to love it. I have a fiancĂ©, and three sons who are 11, 7, and 2. We all share a love for fishing and especially look forward to ice fishing. My youngest was 1 and a half last ice season and he was already running around the fish house jigging everyone's lines and trying to reel in fish. It is so fun to watch how excited we all get while fishing and how much everyone enjoys it.

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