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Greetings! My name is Nick (Nicole) Tabbert. I have been with WAM for 7 years. I have been a fishing judge for several years now. Seeing the different kinds of fish, sizes and funny pictures is an addiction. To see women kick butt in the field makes me so proud.

My mom would sunfish from my grandparents shore, at 2 years old I wanted to fish. Mom said that I could fish but I had to bait my own hook with a worm. I was hooked especially when Lake Onalaska was across the street. My great grandpa and grandpa built a cabin in Northern Wisconsin, it is on a 100 acre lake. We fish anything from sunfish, crappie, bass, pike and musky. But as my grandpa would say, “when the wind is to the east the fish bite the least but when the wind is to the west the fish bite the best.”

My wife of 20 years and I live in North Dakota with our 3 frenchies. Fishing is my stress relief, especially due to a brain injury. I love to teach kids and adults different methods of fishing. Fly fishing is my favorite method especially when sunfish are in spawning beds. Keep those lines tight and show me the big ones.

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