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I retired from teaching 8 years ago and needed to find other people to fish with since I had more time. I found WAM and never looked back. I have so many new fishing partners, but also a circle of close friends I can count on like never before. Because of all these new friends I’ve also broadened the species of fish I target, and my bucket list has grown. I’ve also fished places I would have not fished on my own like LOTW, Leech and even Mille Lacs. I’ve been a member of WAM for about 8 years and a Membership Director for 7 years. I am so proud of what this club has accomplished. We’ve grown to 1100 members and that has value, but how the club serves the members is even more important. With your support I’d like to continue as your Membership Director and work toward both growth of the club and service to our members and community.

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