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I have been an angler ever since the day my dad placed a rod in my hands as an eight year old. I joined Women Anglers of Minnesota three years ago with the goal of finding more women who are passionate about angling, expand my knowledge in multiple species angling, and support an organization that has served the female fishermen in Minnesota so well for so many years.

Season after season I frequented metro lakes, with the occasional trip up north to the big ponds. However, in 2018 I became a woman of the river after being introduced to Channel/Flathead Catfish and Lake Sturgeon. Through sharing my experiences chasing these fish, amongst other species, via livestreams and content creation on social media - I have been so lucky to have earned sponsorships from leading Catfishing brands like Catch The Fever, Katfish Clothing, and Nocturnal Nation Catfishing.

My content has been nominated for awards through the YouTube fishing community such as ‘Female Angler of the Year’ and ‘Video Intro of the Year’ amongst anglers that inspired me from my novice years! Content creation has allowed me to travel all over the country chasing trophy fish, checking off new species, and experiencing the fisheries I only dreamed about years ago. I truly am one lucky gal!

I love talking and teaching any and all things fish. I co-host the Old Carver Fishing Podcast where I've been able to meet amazing anglers, learn new concepts and techniques and hear fish stories that are unbelievable (but true)! I am a part of our Women Anglers of Minnesota Education Committee where I have the opportunity to take what I have learned and pass it on to anglers who, like me, want to keep learning and excelling as fishermen. I am also a member of the Catfish Workgroup through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - a platform where I can continue my education at a higher level, influence change and improvement state-wide, and be a female voice at a male-dominated table.

I am so excited to combine my passion of content creation and angling to serve the women of WAM and promote the utmost girl-power, hard work, community, and support that this organization has shown me since the moment I became a WAMMIE!

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