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WAM will be providing bump boards for all in person tournaments.

Virtual Tournaments and Master Angler Program will require an approved device made of solid metal or plastic with a 90 degree bend at the zero mark.

Preferred Bump Boards:

Ketch, Check-It Stik, Thorne Bros. Muskie Bumper, and all metal (be sure to wet prior to measuring fish it hot weather)

Allowed Bump Boards:

Northland if the measurement sticker is intact, plastic boards such as Measurett N Release Cradle Trays and FishDonkey IF the measurement marks are neatly outlined with a sharpie (otherwise they are impossible to read), Hawg Troughs, Measurett N Release Super Slide Rule Bump Boards up to 33", Bump N Go, and Frabill Expandable up to 19" (measurements beyond do not count unless your run a tape measure along side).

Measuring Devices Not Allowed:

Cloth measuring tapes, stand alone stickers, homemade devices, retractable (Frabill Expandable beyond 19"), foldable devices not listed above, Rapala Magnum (the 90 degree isn't solid) or Measurett N Release Cradle Trays if the measurements are not neatly outlined with a sharpie (these are impossible to read), Papazo (hard to read and no 1/4" marks), Anglers Choice (front isn't 90 degrees), and YakGear Fish Stik (too adjustable).

Fish Longer Than Your Device:

If the fish is longer than your bump board, you can run a metal tape measure along the side of the bump board starting at the 90 degree angle.  If you don't have an additional measuring device, your measurement will be recorded to the end of the bump board only.


If you are using a bump board not listed in Preferred or Allowed, or have a question whether your bump board is allowed, please email a picture to

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